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Projects Implemented

Overview of Projects Implemented

USI has collaborated with the following international organizations and government agencies.

01 | Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS and Stigma reduction in Nigeria program (PSRHH): (2004 – 2006)

USI has collaborated with Action Aid International Nigeria (AAIN) to implement this project funded and technically supported by Department for International Development (DFID), Population Service International (PSI) and Society for Family Health (SFH). The goal of the Project was to train 30 Selected Muslims  Student Societies of Nigeria (MSSN) members   in 5 Secondary Schools in FCT and 30 Imams in 5 Communities of FCT respectively on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues with preventive strategies for HIV/AIDS.

02 | Global HIV/AIDS Initiative Nigeria (GHAIN): (2006 -2010)

This project was implemented as a community response to Orphans and vulnerable Children in Nigeria, with support from United State Agency for International Development (USAID). The above project  enable  USI to provide education  to 280 Orphans and Vulnerable Children and also Supported 45 women  who were caregivers  with training and  small grants  of 15,000 naira each to start their  different businesses   and it was carried out successfully and made tremendous impact in  the lives of orphans and their  caregivers located in Nyanya and Gwagwalada areas of Abuja.

03 | Integrated Community Response to HIV/AIDs Project (2006 -2007)

This project was supported by FCT Agency for the Control on AIDS (FACA) with funding Support from World Bank. The project enabled us to carry  out sensitization and training for selected  Imams , youths and women  in FCT on their role in combating HIV stigma and discrimination in communities as leaders.

04 | 5 Days Training

British Council and World Bank institute supported USI with capacity building training under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with emphasis on community development strategies and action

05 | 2010 – 2014: Centre for Population and Development Activities (CEDPA) titled Positive Living Project with funding and technical Support from(USAID)

The project provided support and care to over 1,800 person living with HIV/AIDS and enrolled  450 Orphans and Vulnerable Children and small grants of 10,000 naira to selected women who were trained  to start their different small business.

06 | 2010 – 2014: Winrock International (WI) titled AIDS Impact mitigation (AIM), with funding and technical Support from (USAID).

USI played the role of an implementing partner (IP) and perform creditably well throughout implementation and contributed to the overall success of project goals and after independent evaluation and audits.

The project worked in four stated namely; FCT, Bauchi, Kano and Nasarawa. We enrolled 5,450 children in primary and Junior Secondary School and as well provided selected women numbering 408 with small grant of N20,000 each to start their business.

07 | 2014 ( 6 months ) USAID MARKET Family Nutritional Support Program (FNSP)

USI provided grains with nutritional supplements to identified and selected caregivers with aim of supporting the OVCs with food that will help them develop normally, we carry out all necessary measurement such as BMI to ensure that children are being fed with food supplement in Karshi and Nyanya communities of FCT.

08 | 2010 – 2013 Nigerian Organization Response to AIDS (NORA) Project in collaboration with NEPWHAN.

USI provided comprehensive care and support to person living with HIV/AIDS and refer the OVCs for pediatrics treatments in government hospitals and ensure that OVCs birth registration certificates.

09 | Two (2) months: Voluntary Service Organization, Nigeria (VSO).

USI collaboration with VSO contributed immensely to the growth of our organization, our capacity was built on Volunteer Management System (VMS). VSO also recruited 2 volunteers from United Kingdom (UK) to help build our capacity on Organization Development (OD), Fund Raising, send a Staff to Kenya to learn how to work with people with disabilities, through VSO we are able to source for funding from Friend of Nigeria (FoN) which we use to renovate2 blocks of class room in Karshi community of FCT.

10 | 2013 – 2016: IDP Intervention Drive

As a result of the insurgency in the northeast  which continue to  cause untold hardship especially to women and children , the BoT/Management  of USI made a commitment to  provide basic assistance to IDPs in Abuja, Adamawa and Gombe States  respectively : Our intervention  includes providing psychosocial support to already traumatized Children and Women, referring Children  and Women for treatments  at hospitals for cases  such as malaria and typhoid and malnutrition . We also provide food stuffs, clothing’s and Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs), etc

11 | June- December 2016: Ummah Support Initiative in partnership with ONE Campaign carried out the following in Seven Northern States

  • Conduct mapping of key Islamic stakeholders and collaborative institutions in the 7 northern focal states of Niger, Nasarawa, Sokoto, Kano, Bauchi, Borno & FCT.
  • Conduct targeted advocacy to grassroots stakeholders (Imams, Traditional Title holders, Women Leaders & other Youth Leaders) as identified in various focal states
  • Develop, adopt & print One campaign messages in locally appropriate languages
    Support grassroot campaigns in various locations (mosques, markets, religious gatherings & Islamic meeting fora) towards mobilizing support for signing petitions
  • Support in facilitating the Campus activation efforts in northern Nigeria to get at least 3 universities to participate in the Campus effort
  • Identify, Select and Amplify the voices of key grass root "ONE-USI" champions (Imams, Teachers, Traditional Leader, Women Leaders, Youth Activist) on online and traditional media institutions within targeted locations .
  • Conduct Facebook awareness campaigns and tweet conference for "Make Naija Stronger Campaign" within the reach of Islamic network organizations

Our values

  • 01 | Honesty
  • 02 | Professionalism
  • 03 | Respect for diversity
  • 04 | Accountability and Transparency